VTEC issue? P1259 code? Fuel/Air Metering Control?

Ok... so here's the deal. I have a 2001 Integra GSR, stock. CEL comes on every now and again when I floor it (in the VTEC range, above 5K RPM). I get it cleared or it goes off on it's own. Also, sometimes when I go around Corners, the low oil level light flickers for a few seconds, or it will continue to flicker, at which point i'll stop and get some oil. Took it to Advance, their code comes up P1259 Manufacturer Control Fuel Air Metering - which from what I've researched, is a VTEC code. I've cleaned off the motor with engine de-greaser to find where the oil is coming from - looks like it's coming from the VTEC solenoid itself. So heres what i'm thinking:

When i gas it up above 5k rpm, the oil going to the solenoid is not all staying in there, it's leaking out. Because it's leaking out, after a while enough leaks out to where the VTEC can't do it's job. I don't find this out until I really punch it. There's probably oil leaking out even below 5k when i'm not really on it. So, i get the low oil light, and i fill up. A week or so later when i do punch it, enough time has passed for enough oil to leak out so that the VTEC won't work right, but regular conditions are just fine. My solution: just get a new solenoid. I know that it could be the screen, but it has been cleaned. By getting a new solenoid, a can mitigate the seal/leaking issue and any issue there might be with the solenoid itself - right?

I'm asking because i simply don't know the correct answer? I'm pretty sure the solenoid itself needs to be changed, but what about this fuel/air metering thing? Is there something else i'm missing, or that could be damaged due to this issue which i may need to check out? Thanks for the help!

p.s. - also looking for a front drivers side fender, preferably the stock black with the pinstripe, thanks!

ok wait... it's not the solenoid itself, but rather the whole valve (or whatever you wanna call the thing - it has 3 10mm bolts holding it on) that seems to be leaking between it and the valve cover/block


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That code is a manufacturer specific code and for Hondas is related to the VTEC solenoid. You said you cleaned the screen, but you still need to either replace the seal or replace the whole solenoid. Low oil or incorrect oil viscosity WILL cause that code to pop up. Fix the leak and do an oil change and I'm almost positive the code will go away.

ok so, new seal from the honda dealership, or is there a place online to get one? b/c i haven't been able to find anywhere online that sells the seal?
I know this is a lot later, but FYI, the low oil was causing the CEL for P1259 to come up. Fixed the leak, but the integra still burns oil so it came on again... sigh. when will it all end?

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