W1ndsor's 1998 LS

Hey guys, finally getting around to posting my car. Its a 98 LS with the 5 speed. i bought it in september off a guy who had just gotten if from an old lady. I didnt realize he was flipping cars at the time, so i could have gotten it for less if i had known, but i got it for $4500 with 132,800 on the odometer. It was 100% stock except for some blue tint he put on the headlights.

Since then, i have put almost 10k on the car, changed the headlights to a set of Spyder auto projectors with black housings,did a muffler delete and then new cheap muffler when i realized it was too loud and couldn't afford a catback yet, new shift knob and ebrake handle (temporary universal fit one that i dont always use. eventually will get a nice proper weighted shift knob), general maintaince including tires, and fixing things that went bad.

Currently need to instal the rear hatch locking assembly thats being shipped so i can open the hatch without the key, and also replace a blub in the A/C controls. I also need to fix the sagging rear bumper, and get window tint. After all that im going to start doing some light mods to make the car handle a bit better. :)

Here are some photos of the car before i did anything to it

and then here are some more recent photos.

the DRL halos currently are not wired up anymore as they were causing an excessive power drain through an engine harness because i did some poor wiring, so i need to find a better spot to wiring those.


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Finally got a Skunk2 weighted knob. I also got 20% tint on all windows (except windshield). Makes everything that much better Imo.

Still haven't fixed the hatch. I also need to upgrade the speakers as they are starting to fail.
non ITR shifters/linkage doesnt need a weighted knob. Infact, it makes shifting a little more weird on these cars and eventually leads to grinds and stuff like that. Only the ITR shifter requires a weighted knob. If you are just going to daily your car, it shouldnt be an issue, but high rev changes with a weighted knob can lead to syncro wear.

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