WA....NWLO BBQ/meet 8/23/14


I went to a local lexus meet. NWLO(NorthWest Lexus Owners). People from Oregon and northern WA came through and we ended up at Fort Borst in Centralia, WA. I drove the integra, cus the IS has a fat bulge on the sidewall of my tire = FAIL!!! Just wanted to share with the community

On to the pics

all lined up

and had to show people at the BBQ ;)


Yeah, the turnout was mediocre, since we had a list of 20-30 that said yes, but work and family resorted them to cancel. Others, well, I don't know what happened there.

This turnout isn't nearly what we had expected. Hopefully next time, we can get a bigger one.

Sorry EFX, I didn't even think about it :(


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I was bored as fuc that day, hell yeh I would have gone.
And you know me and my skin tone. I would have never missed a BBQ....lol....lol