Weird turn signal problem


I have looked through the threads with no success.

I have checked all my fuses, swapped relays.

I have a 96 Integra. All lights were fine until i was driving yesterday, went to make a right hand turn and my turn signal arrow stayed solid green and my rear turn signal stayed on as well. Today I checked all my fuses. From the research that I did I thought it was my relay. Replaced the relay, went to test my turn signals, the right worked now, now when I try my left they don't come on and just buzz. I put the old relay back in. With lights off both my left and right signals work, when I turn my lights on I then have the same problem, right stays on and left works just fine.

Any help will be appreciated, thank you in advance.


nothing from nowhere
yes but you say when you turn the lights on ,headlights? one of the double fillimant bulbs sounds shorted together, easiest first thing is tio remove one bulb at a time to see what changes