what did you do to your car today?


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My truck hasn’t had a short and brutal life like the van, but it’s had a good long 20 years of life, and everything still works without a hiccup. Not even any of the infamous 90s ferd electrical kinks like the electric door locks fucking up.

Hell my transmission was fine when the guy took it apart aside from regular wear and tear from 214k miles of driving, I would just lose reverse if I drove it with overdrive on because there was a worn out spot on a shifter thing in the trans that would get out of place when it shifted into OD.

I drove it for 2-3 weeks with it fucked up just fine by turning off overdrive :lol:


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put a skunk2 dual-bend short throw in, also had to drill out and retap the bolt hole for the linkage on the transmission as it got stripped out. Retapped it and threw in a larger bolt. Shifts are noticeably shorter from the stock shifter (I also have this facing in the right direction lol)

I hate when the simplest task turns into a huge headache. Long story short when I went to put everything back together the threads in the bolt hole I had to re-tap just crumbled when putting the bolt back in.


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FYI the oem shifter is the best.

We used to have this discussion daily way back when.

Actually I believe the discussion was that all short throws were terrible, the only things better than stock were extended shifters


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Wiped the interior down with Megairs and changed out the struts on the wife's camry. Trying to save that money.


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I cleaned a chair in my Van. My little puppy left dirty footprints on the seat...fortunately it is just mud. The chair in the living room is almost gnawed.
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