What in the world happened to my climate control?


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I recently replaced my climate control because the hot/cold lever broke due to some excessive force during a cold day. After placing everything back, I noticed my hazard and defrost buttons no longer light up. What's the deal?


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light could be bad, or you might not have connected the wiring correctly as i recall its pretty hard to get the wiring into the buttons


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hell, even just moving the bulbs burns them out sometimes.

I did it in both da's a couple times... old bulbs burn out hella easy even from a small bump


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Stick with replacing fuses first, and then look at the bulbs. Fuses are cheap, whereas bulbs could cost you a lot more.For replacements, check out your local auto store. I'm sure they stock bulbs in that size, maybe look around the net for the bulb sizes.


Instrument Panel Bulb 37238-ST7-003 ($4.34) - 168 bulbs

Climate Control Illumination Bulb 34354-SBO-003 ($4.34)

Rear Defogger Switch Illumination Bulb 35511-SM4-000 ($7.24) - no known substitute exists



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I'm working on my 90 teg. the climate control switch has two bulbs in it. Does anyone know where to get the bulbs? or the holders?
or even what size the bulbs are?
thank you