what to tune up first in a Acura rsx


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hi i dont know anything about cars so i dont know what to tune up in my first car which is a rsx. so what im basically asking which tunes are the right tunes for my car and which tunes do u guys recommend me to do


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First thing I did was an oil change with a new Wix oil filter. Then I pulled the old spark plugs out and installed new ones from NGK. Blow out the air filter or replace if it is seriously dirty. Air up your tires and check your fluids. From what I hear, Honda doesn't mess around with fluids, so if your radiator, power steering, brake fluid reservoir, etc is low, use the right stuff from Honda. I don't trust fluids that are "compatible" Put in a tank of pure gasoline and write down your mileage.

Next time you fill up, do the math and see how many gallons are needed for the miles you drove.

If anything is made of rubber, it will get weak over time, so put some silicone on door gaskets, look over your wipers and watch your belts. Sometimes previous owners throw a 15 amp fuse in a 5 amp slot just to close the circuit, so make sure the right fuse is installed by reading your kick panel cover.

The RSX is one-of-a-kind and is worth your time.

Good luck!