what's the best brand coilover


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This is a worthless question without knowing your budget and goals.

The best? Moton 4 way: $10,000

I doubt that's what you're looking for though

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Best bang for the buck setup will be Koni Yellows with Ground Control Coilovers.

The Konis are absolutely amazing shocks, and with the Ground Control coils, you have 4 inches of ride height adjustment, as well as being able to get custom spring rates to accommodate your driving style.

around $750-$900 depending on where you look for them.

if you're just looking for some coilovers to lower your car, then save yourself the trouble and just buy lowering springs from a reputable company.

**Tein S-Tech lowering springs - $160 +/- new (i used to have them, they were awesome. plenty low, and comfortable. NOT FOR TRACKING THOUGH, SPRING RATES ARE AS SOFT AS STOCK)

or you could get Eibach, Skunk2, H&R, etc. any of those companies will offer you a good set of lowering springs.

Coil-overs are for the big boys, lol. for those looking for a good range of adjustment and a quality performance ride.

good luck, but as others said, this thread is pointless without the critical info:
Daily Driver?
Track Only?
Performance? (slightly rougher ride, to a really harsh ride)

what do you want out of them? THEN we can provide a thorough answer for you ;)

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