What's the best way to turbo my b18a1

I got a 93 integra with the b18a1, im looking to make it my project car. I want to turbo it eventually but i will be driving it as my daily driver. What is the best set up for this car. Should i keep the stock motor in it, swap, or build a ls vtec.


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set a budget, like ^^^ mentioned...

B18A1 motor is favorable to turbo as it has lower compression and better torque at the wheels... However!! depending on what horsepower you hope to achieve, you need to factor in several possibilities...

upgrading internals ( rod, valves, etc. etc..) stock internals are ok for low boost applications, but if you want to get more out of it stock parts are not optimal...

you will need to upgrade your fuel pump and injectors also. depending on the rubo manifold you could be looking at removing auxiliary components like power steering and AC, and even replacing your radiator for a half sized one...

Getting a tune from a tuner... you cannot just slap a turbo on and call it a day... you need to most likely upgrade your ECU and have a pro tuner dial in your car so you don't blow the motor up...

you need to set a plan set a budget, then work towards it. when boosting yor car you should aim to do it right the first time.

plan on dropping some serious loot to do this... it isn't a bolt on affair and will run you in the area of 5k or more to do it right.

agree to doing it right the first time. The first time i turboed my accord it was a long and pricy task. i got about 2,000 for a budget. Thats why i was wondering if it was a better idea to turbo or motor swap. I would like to acheive 250 hp. how much would it cost to build up the b18a1 and run 6 psi.(rough estimate and what should i put into the motor for internals.)
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