Who the hell even still has an integra anymore?

Do you still have an integra?

  • Yes, a 1st gen.

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  • Yes, It's an Integra Scooter

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The Transporter
Its like a multi-generational gathering of players in here....

Yea, lost the teg a long time ago.... Still keep my eyes peeled for a unicorn (97R). But some are just too overpriced for a toy. Throwback photo!

And circa 2003 FL Racerock meets.... My car had no business being up front, but organizing had perks I guess.


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No fucks given.
^ doppelgänger of my turd


Yolo Whippin'
maybe it helps settle the back end under hard braking. but who knows my back is so light under hard braking it squiggles around. lol 60/40 weight split is not great apperantly...and i actually run less fuel than when i corner balanced the car.