Who the hell even still has an integra anymore?

Do you still have an integra?

  • Yes, a 1st gen.

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  • Yes, It's an Integra Scooter

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The Transporter
Its like a multi-generational gathering of players in here....

Yea, lost the teg a long time ago.... Still keep my eyes peeled for a unicorn (97R). But some are just too overpriced for a toy. Throwback photo!

And circa 2003 FL Racerock meets.... My car had no business being up front, but organizing had perks I guess.

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Yolo Whippin'
maybe it helps settle the back end under hard braking. but who knows my back is so light under hard braking it squiggles around. lol 60/40 weight split is not great apperantly...and i actually run less fuel than when i corner balanced the car.


The other asshole
I can't say if mine ever made a difference or not. I did take it off once and the back maybe kinda felt lighter above 55mph, but I was just driving on the streets.