Who the hell even still has an integra anymore?

Do you still have an integra?

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  • Yes, It's an Integra Scooter

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Yolo Whippin'
I can't say if mine ever made a difference or not. I did take it off once and the back maybe kinda felt lighter above 55mph, but I was just driving on the streets.
think theres other factors playing lol even the tech manual for the itr says you have to be going pretty fast for it to work.


The other asshole
Decided to mess with it even more? :lol:

I'm on tapatalk so I can't see it. I just know Aussie trashed it :rolf:


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Was looking for a 92-93 GSR or a really clean 2nd gen 4Dr... Found 2 DB2s local, a red/pink with 250k miles for $5500 and an aztec green for $3500 but with a rod knock and all DB1's I found were beat to shit or cheaply modified.

I gave up :( probably for the better, It would be my daily driver/beater and would most likely get stolen.