Who the hell even still has an integra anymore?

Do you still have an integra?

  • Yes, a 1st gen.

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  • Yes, It's an Integra Scooter

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No fucks given.
Decided to mess with it even more? :lol:

I'm on tapatalk so I can't see it. I just know Aussie trashed it :rolf:



No fucks given.


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Was looking for a 92-93 GSR or a really clean 2nd gen 4Dr... Found 2 DB2s local, a red/pink with 250k miles for $5500 and an aztec green for $3500 but with a rod knock and all DB1's I found were beat to shit or cheaply modified.

I gave up :( probably for the better, It would be my daily driver/beater and would most likely get stolen.


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Kurt is bad for your engine mmkay