Who's in Florida?


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IM in Boynton beach. Just got a teg 2 days ago. looking for a stock F&R bumper so hit me up. looking for other body parts also.


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Hey whats up everyone

My names kris im from jacksonville,fl im looking to find a car club i have a 2nd gen 93 integra i dun have much work done to it yet, still workin on it. I see most of the people here are from orlando, fl is there anyone close to jax and where is lake city. I need to find some people who are really into teggys so they can help me out with it i dun know alot to be honest. I do wana drop a gsr engine into it but i know it can get pricey i need to learn how to do work myself and need some kool instructors.

kjpom612@aol.com or facebook me i have one pic of my car on there and its an older pic i am tryin to get some new pics of her.


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Cars And Cafe'

I go every month its a sick ride down there. Its in Sanford FL which is right above orlando fl. Its at this small shopping plaza that has a theme of cars, it has resturants and gift shops. But the main attraction is the amazing cars that come crazy exotic cars and some tuner cars.Last time i went with a caravan of 30+ g35 and 350z club. It was great left in the morning at about 5am got there at like 8ish after goofing around at a pit stop. Good fun if we wanted to have a florida teggy meet im sure we can get there early and take a section of the parking for us.(there is a lot of parking)

But its also the second saturday of EVERY MONTH :p