Who's in Florida?


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01cleatus said:
C'mon now out of like over 1000 members that it says that we have no one can tell me that there are only 3 people from the state of Florida.C'mon sunshine state baby, yeah 8) ! (LOL)

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diablo2184 said:
I am in South Florida.....the guys at TI might be having a meet at the D&B on Sheridan...
Tonight at 9pm at the Stirling and I-95 Dave & Busters. :)


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Man I haven't been on here in a long ass time. My tegra finally crapped out on me back around thanksgiving and we gave it to my engine swap guy/friend Phinel. The body was shot after two wrecks I've had with it. Turns out I blew the head racing on my way to work one morning on 95. So, it's scrap metal now. And I got 2 new hatchies. So, I'm on clubcivic alot now. Plus, I moved from Jacksonville to Chicago back in late Febuary due to my fiance's father being in the hospital for a few months. Gald to see the southeast/Florida forum's bouncing. :thumbs up Good luck with your cars gentlemen!! Much love for the tegra's!


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Sorry to hear about your fiance's father , and your teg. I am sorry for your loss. But hey at least you got a couple of hatchies. Well I wish you the best in Chicago and I know I'll seeya around the boards.


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speedin said:
hey,new guy welcome on. look for fl meets. we are planning one now!
Yeah i was trying to go to race rock last weekend but i ended up having to work... Looks like a lot of people showed up though!


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Yeah it was fun man....I can't remember exactly how many people were there but I believe there was like 21 3rd gen tegs alone. I t was fun driving thru the city of Orlando in a pack.