Why are non-luxury, performance trims of cars so rare?


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I was looking at the 4Runner on the Toyota website today comparing the different trims, and all of the best performance features like the locking Torsen differential, AWD, and Crawl Control are only available on the luxury trims. I see this on every car I look at.
I really like performance features, but I also really like simple cars. I prefer more headroom instead of sunroofs. If I'm going to get an off-road oriented vehicle, I want 17" rims instead of 20" rims. I really dislike power seats. When I inevitably knock my mirrors off on a tree, I want to replace the cheapest variant of that mirror; not one with lights, radar, motors, and dimming.
I feel this way about sports cars, too. I want powerful cars with as little weight as possible, but the trims with the powerful engines and drivetrains tend to have the heaviest parts and most expensive replacement parts like heated and cooled power seats and sonar parking sensors.
Does anyone have any insight or counterexamples?
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Most purported execution variants of vehicles just sell since they are packaged with appearance includes that make the vehicle look quicker. Not many individuals would pay for the exhibition on the off chance that it didn't accompany more pleasant wheels identifications, and a spoiler.

When you add on the expense of this, you've arrived at the base cost of a higher market section. Just youngsters will pick a quick Toyota over a Lexus so the market is restricted.