Worth saving 1993 GS-R


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Noob here but by the pic with the Civic next to it you can imagine what was about to happen. Now I am second guessing the idea and wondering if she is worth saving. I guess these are more rare than I thought so seeking advise. Runs and drives perfect body damage is the issues.



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I wouldn't bother unless you're just looking for a project car. Body damage can be tough to make look good again, especially if youre not adept at it and a car this old will be difficult to source parts for.


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Kind of my thoughts because of the hail damage. I thought I was looking at a b16 just do to lack of knowledge of them. Once I saw it was a b17 I questioned putting it in the civic.


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Damn, sad to see a gsr looking like that, but no... not even I would personally save it. I would however just sell it to someone who would if it was my car.