yet again another integra. her name is constantine>:)

i still get called bro a lot lol its just funny because my signature on most sites is the same or very similar so i just know that eventually someone will catch on.
Would you get offended if i called you bra instead of bro? hahaha

I always thought it was convert, too, lol
Cmon man you were my first friend on this site your slackin.

Dang long time no see on this thread... A little over a year it's been gone now :(
Oh well nice to see a bump.
Thanks it used to look nice
well thanks! i have a new one linky in my siggy :)

eventually i'm going to be killed of sadness from seeing this get bumped lol


No fucks given.
5 years later, and it's still further along than my car...


The other asshole

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