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Penny is going to be on Non-Op in the golden state. Going to be doing a b20 upgrade when budget allows.
What's up Teggy fans so I've owned a 1995 Acura Integra GSR for a while now and I decided to join this club because I love cars and I enjoy seeing other people's cars my car isn't super special but it's nice
hey britty I just was down your neck of the woods and found a mint 92 gsr Aztec green. so beautiful. lets see some pics of your car :)

- skylar from calgary
I really like Honda Products! Have '93 Integra, '2000 CRV & 2004 Civic...all high mileage
I am a disabled Vietnam Vet and try to DYI when possibe
Crap, I never got an email showing you replied, sorry. If you still have a good computer for a 97 LS 5 speed, would you please email me at and I promise, I'll respond a heck of a lot quicker... :) Thanks, Pat

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