DA9 RS into an LS


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Okay so I have 2 DA9's a RS that runs and a LS that didn't but does now. I had to take the ECU from the RS, so here is my question, I cannot get the power windows to work in the LS. I have checked the fuses and etc. Nothing, the relay fuse was blown but the individual fuses for each window was fine. So is this because of the ECU in anyway? Since the RS has no power windows, I doubt that but figured I'd ask so I can check it off my list. The sunroof motor works and other things the RS doesnt have works such as the Heater is push button instead of the manual switch back and forth, that works, the cruise control turns on. Plus I know you can wire up electric window motors to an RS, so this shouldn't be the ECU at all correct? I just don't want to go chasing a wire, switch, or motor issue if it is the ECU. So does anyone know? Is it the ECU or should my power windows in an LS chassis work with an RS ECU?