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  • bkirshr
    bkirshr replied to the thread Most recent picture of your car!.
    Thanks! Yeah, mine is still around actually, too. It was my sister's for a while, but now my dad just uses it as a commuter. Maybe I'll...
  • S
    Selling off parts majority seems to be in good shape i have most of interior off car and in basement. Have fenders bumper hood is carbon...
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  • 94RS
    So apparently the Barber Museum now has a big Buell/EBR exhibit.... One thing that sticks out though. All the way to the left on...
  • Z
    ZEROPTZERO replied to the thread 1992 Integra GS-R - Parts.
    I got my engine mounts on ebay, you can get a kit with all five mounts for cheap, and they seem to work and fit fine. My GS-R factory...

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