Pacific Raceways 2018 Season - BuiltNoTboughTdc2


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Hey gents! I'm back with another video.

2018 was a good season. No major issues. This winter, I will be able to focus on small upgrades and not have to rebuild the engine (again). Ever since I switched to Hondata (S300 V3), I haven't been able to break back into 11's. Kept hitting boost cut as I seemed to set the duty cycle a bit too high - chasing new personal best. As most of you know, duty cycle is weather sensitive. Making runs few hours apart made it difficult to find a proper setting (high, but not too high...). I plan to purchase an electronic boost gauge and replace the mechanical one I currently have. The numbers are much easier to read when your're at WOT. That way I'll be able to timely shift, or ease-up on gas, and avoid triggering fuel cut (in case the duty cycle is set too high).

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