1990 Acura Integra Custom Interior Help


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Hey everyone, a bit new here but I wanted to see if I could get any advice on enhancing my cars interior or rather bringing it back to life. I came across a 1990 acura integra and just picked it up for a cheap price. The seats are kind of ripped up missing fabric and foam in some areas. I was thinking of creating my own custom seating but I cant find layouts for the seats to get the pattern. I thought about seat cover but i want them to be really fitted and there would be some foam still missing. Entirely new chairs are kind of out of my range at the moment but if there are any helpful DIY people still here that would be fantastic. Also the hard interior is this blue that I dont really like but idk if theres a way to change that at all. Again some tips would be much appreciated.

My first project car. Late in life but better late than never.

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