1998 Integra LS


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Hello, I am fairly new to the car scene, I have just gotten my first car and I was lucky enough to at least get a used 1998 Integra LS. I have enjoyed the car so far considering its my first car. I am currently running into some worrying issues, I have had an engine code for my TPS going bad for weeks. I bought a voltage meter and tested the power to it and confirmed that it is receiving 5v, just like the car manual told me it should. I am assuming that I need to replace it. The problem is that from the repair videos that I have seen, the TPS sensor is riveted onto the throttle body. So in know that I can grind it off no problem, what I do have an issue with is, will I be able to screw on a new TPS sensor, or will I have to but thread the hole to get a new one. If this is a case, would it not be better to replace the throttle body and TPS sensor at the same time? I searched for some throttle bodies online and was immediately confused, they all listed that i need a specific manifold or other modifications to make them fit and I didn't want to order something without advice.

So can I just replace the TPS sensor without tapping throttle body, or do I just replace the entire throttle body, links to specific p[arts would be helpful. Any assistance would be appreciated!

Car specs: 1998 Integra LS\Automatic (As far as I know, everything is stock....)