2002 Acura RSX Type S. Starting issue out of nowhere. If anyone has any advice please help me out. I’m running out of ideas here.


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Car sat for a year and a half while we rebuilt the Tranny and suspension. Did a few other parts in the meantime. Alt and radiator.

5 days later after she was done and running, out of nowhere (coincidentally it was the same night I tried to jump a car, and the next morning wouldn’t start or jump, but I definitely have jumped my fair share of cars so I don’t think I fucked up.) it was no click no crank.

Key symptoms are that all electronics work, HOWEVER, the bottom left three lights (CEL, OIL, and one more), flicker quickly and stay off.

When trying to turn the key, the interior lights flicker and the radio goes black, but when releasing the key, all goes back to normal.

I checked the fuses (I THINK the starter fuse is in the inside, but will check the manual tonight.), I replaced the main battery fuse, then decided I would change the main battery ground to transmission ground wire (as it seems like a bad ground somewhere), but no luck. Same symptoms.

Had someone look at it and they said it was 90% the starter. So I replaced that (and it was a pain in the ass on this car), and just now tried to crank it, and same thing as always.

If anyone has any other suggestions to try, please let me know. The battery is charged and good.

I’m really tired of throwing money at this car for things that aren’t needing to be replaced. If it does I don’t mind. If it doesn’t, then it’s a little annoying.
Thank you. Hopefully y’all can help me out.

A tow to a shop would be $250 alone. That’s why I am not very inclined to do that. I live out in the country.


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