2013+ CI Official DB Squad Thread!


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I figured it was about time to make a new thread for all the 4 door enthusiasts. The old one is out of data and not everyone is still an active member. So, this is a place to post pictures, chat, and find help from others who drive tegs with extra doors! The last thread didn't have numbers assigned to the members, but I figured that some people like to put that in their signature, so why not. PM me if you want a certain number and I'll do my best to update it as soon as I can (I'd rather you guys PM me than post here so I can make sure it doesn't get lost).

1. Bkirshr
2. 96lsteg
3. JbrownLS
4. 96greenDB
5. Joseph96LS
6. Joeshmoe
7. Trolleyassasin
8. Sammich
9. Shift_DB7
10. Brilla46
11. simplels
12. 2kdb7
13. Jcrabb13
14. SteadyRollin
15. meANDmyDB7
16. LSiNtegraDB7
17. DaddyBuiltRacing
18. h22ateggy
19. slowDB7
20. Ted's Owner
21. The Kev
22. cvcrcr99
23. NastyDB8
24. Mucho Integra
25. Db8er
26. db8hanep
27. ThatGuySkye
28. Slickdevil08
29. DB7ish

So lets get started! post pictures of those sexy sedans!
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actually has an FB6 now.
sweeet. the older DB thread was so inactive. the OP sold his DB. i'll post pictures of my DB soon. haven't done much, but it's so dirty because of the rain and all it does is sit in the garage all day.



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can i get #11 please? :)

i'll get better pictures soon when i get her washed and it's a nice day.. :)
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