90 integra ABS Pump

DA 9 ABS Pump
My brakes work but are squishy – feels like air in lines but after repeated bleeding attempts it seems the cylinders in the ABS pump are leaking. I don’t want a used bcz it will ALSO be 30 yr old like my car and I want my brakes to WORK!
Problem is: Does anyone know a reliable source for a rebuilt ABS pump? I know they are not cheap :(

The car has the abs system in 3 parts, Abs Pump, Pressure reservoir and Modulator, Had one of mine leaking on my car Finlay realized that was what was causing me to have to refill the brake master cylinder.

Looked at the cost for new ones, and didn't want to spend $300+ on new parts, So decided to try to do it my self.
Pulled a whole assembly from a junkyard and pulled the modulator apart and cleaned it with water. It was quite dirty inside, and dry it with compressed air and put it back together with some brake fluid.
Then attempted to do the abs bleeding from the factory manual and drove it and engaged the abs to bleed the valves then bleed the breaks again. But the pressure reservoir is still bad or pressure sensor so the pump will almost constantly run.
So currently runing the car with the abs pump disconnected.

And then Recently I had to replace the rear brake pads and that improved on the long squishy brake pedal feel.

Though going though all that maybe too much for some people and just doing an abs delete may just be simpler. I have also heard that replacing the brake master cylinder can help remove / reduce the squishy brake pedal feel.

Photos of the Dissembled modulator are of the old one in my car.

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