Add Bluetooth to stock Acura integra radio?


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Is there a guide for this? Gonna be buying one soon and something I’m gonna be doing first when I get it. My dads had his 2000 Silverado radio modified to have Bluetooth and had a button added to activate Bluetooth. I rather keep the stock radio than get a aftermarket that would look out of place in it. 192.168.o.1192.168.0.1tp link login
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Supplanting your processing plant sound system with a secondary selling sound system that highlights worked in Bluetooth is one approach to add Bluetooth to your vehicle. A Bluetooth sound system can give you alternatives that may not be accessible on your production line sound system, for example, implicit GPS, SiriusXM capacity, a blue ray player, USB ports and different sound sources of info. Besides, picking a sound system with worked in Bluetooth implies you won't have to discover a spot to shroud a different connector or unit.
With a Bluetooth sound system, you can stream music from your gadget through the vehicle's speakers and associate your telephone to your sound system for without hands calls and other cell phone capacities.
Supplanting your production line sound system with a post-retail sound system will require some information about introducing vehicle sound gadgets. You might need to consider having Nerd Squad introduce your new sound system to ensure everything is snared and working appropriately see more information from JDM Sport Classics.
A connector permits you to add Bluetooth to your current plant sound system. You can settle on calls and view decision data on the sound system show. A few models additionally permit you to stream music from your gadget.
You can browse an all inclusive connector, intended to fit most vehicles, or a vehicle-explicit connector, intended to be viable with your manufacturing plant sound system.
Establishment requires interfacing the connector to the wiring on your current sound system. An outer mouthpiece interfaces with your sound system enter and can be cut to your sun visor or mounted on the scramble. Introducing a Bluetooth connector is a decent choice on the off chance that you need to keep the current sound system in your vehicle.