all second gen post a pic here.


super brother
its looking like a we have alot of da here now lets show it .!!!
i wanna see just how many we have here lets count off to every1 who post leave your number in line.

#1 tonys2teg


^^^^ Crazy slammage you got going on, should put this pic on your Welcome thread
G2 roll call

91 RS Sedan with 91 RSi motor/ tranny swap

guess i'll just pick up on #5..this i an old pic at Drift day 9(i don't ass drag LOL..just watchin couple buddies)..wait till spring when the snow all clears up thats when my WORKS are goin on.



Second Glance
Here's my baby... I just got her... so far I only changed the back two rims... gotta do the rest this weekend
What do guys think?

Most recent... People have really mixed emotions about the tinted corner lights and side markers... I like them, Some hate them... some like them.


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