alternator/battery problem car keeps dying

hey guys alright here's my problem, recently my car has been dying on me on the road. The car dies and wont crank/start up again after. Originally I assumed it was my battery so I switched it out for a new one. The problem kept up so I had my alternator swapped out for a brand new one but the car still dies out after 15 minutes of driving. It starts with a jump but dies whenever the battery drains completely it seems like nothing is recharging it. another thing is that my odometer/speedo died when the problem first started.

Anybody have any ideas?

The wire running from the alternator to the battery could be faulty, so even though the Alternator is working, the power is not getting to the battery. I would start by checking the 100A alternator fuse, then testing the power at the battery or wire while the car is running. If it reads 14.5V, then its charging, if not, the power is not making it there.

The wire runs from the alternator, through the wiring harness to the fusebox in the engine bay.
it also could be that when you had your alt installed the battery wasn't off the car and on a battery charger...and drained battery isnt good for a new alternator..even if its only at might need a new alternator..just have it swapped for a new one


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is there a specific name for that wire that connects from the battery to the altenator? cause i'm having the same exact problems i replaced my altenator and battery and my car is still dying on me


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Folks a simple multimeter can diagnose your problem very quickly, you should be seeing 14+ volts at idle with no load on the alt when the car is running, when your battery is fully charged and the car is off you should see around 12.7v or more. Ive been through plenty of parts store alternators to know that even getting one brand new out of the box can still be faulty. On an old car I had i went through 4 advanced auto parts alternators before I finally got one that worked, by the end of that job I was ready to murder someone at the parts store let me tell you.


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