April '12 ROTM Winner: OGstackadolla ಥ‿ಥ


The other asshole
I won't give him too much crap, It is throwback Thursday after all, Not like I haven't enjoyed seeing some of this old stuff from when I first joined.


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Not sure why he cares, ROTM died last year. It's just a meaningless poll now where nothing happens once it's over. Lol


The other asshole
I'm like the only one that even pays attention to it anymore :lol:

If I had the template for the banner I would make them but there's an overlay that I doubt I could recreate, I could try to make a new one though but I don't imagine Jay jay would accept it.


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Get off my boys back! You'll get used to this John. You must have thick skin here or soft pussy. Yum. Pussy good.