Assy's S2000

Figured I'd make my 4th "Justin's" thread.

Picked this up on the 30th.

It's a 2003 with 87k on it.

BYS rear spoiler by the way, plan on removing the CF wrap on it.

Previous owner wasn't the best on cleaning the interior and the car had been stored so it has a bad smell to it.

Here we see the mediocre condition of the seats

After the Rug Doctor

More to come
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Looks good dude! Any plans or just going to keep it as is?

Looks good dude! Any plans or just going to keep it as is?

Keep it stock for now, getting some new tires for the rear soon

Current ones:


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Some good camber wear going on there.

Is the wing already paint matched underneath?

I don't mind the cf wrap all that much, it looks nice on that wing as long as it was done well.


No fucks given.
We need to get that thread title changed to "Assy's S2k"


No fucks given.
Still waiting on the thread title change...
I'll post more pictures tomorrow, I like the thread title change.

I had to drive through a bit of rain on my way home from work and I found out the wiper blades on the car are pure shit, so I ordered Bosch icons. Easily the best wiper blade ever made.

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