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The other asshole
I've used meguiars waxes and I hated them :lol:

I do like their ultimate polish though, good shit. Eventually I'll try the ultimate wash+wax on my truck and see how I like it.

Turtle wax cleaner wax is my go to for wax, best stuff I've used for getting rid of that black buildup that washing usually won't even remove completely, and it shines pretty damn good too.

You probably feel about Eagle One how I feel about Armor All... absolutely despise that shit :rolf: I got a free bottle of liquid polish from them and the shit was like smearing jizz all over the paint and wiping it off. Did nothing but fucking ruin my microfiber towel...


No fucks given.
Their regular Cleaner Wax (burgundy bottle/can) isn't the best stuff, it's pretty damn basic. :lol: Their other products are pretty damn good though.

I actually just fully detailed the Rapewagen this past Sunday (it was pretty gross when I started :lol: )

For washing, I'll switch between the Mirror Bright shampoo by itself one week, then a double wash of Gold Class (for cleaning/conditioning) and Ultimate Wash & Wax (protection) the next..... 100ml of each of those in a cheap MJJC foam cannon from Amazon used with a Karcher 1800psi pressure washer (my HF one crapped out). Then dried with a Meguiars Water Magnet microfiber. Best drying towel I've used that isn't a chamois.

For a van with 170k miles, the paint still has the "soft" feeling of a new car.

As for the interior, I use their Natural Shine protectant. It doesn't leave that slimy, greasy, super glossy look and feel to it that Armor all does. I'll have to take a pic of the Rapewagen since it's gray, but I use it on my Integra too.

This pic of the XB that I love posting so much was right after Mirror Bright polishing wax.

I keep up/wash the bike with Mirror Bright spray detailer since I hate the idea of taking a hose to a motorcycle :rolf:

And I believe this one of the Rapewagen was after a wash with the Mirror Bright shampoo.


No fucks given.
And this is what the Natural Shine looks like on Ferd black/gray plastics


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The other asshole
And I thought the dash in my truck looked generic... :lol:

I might give it a shot when warm weather rolls around. I need to find a good system to keep the truck clean, these things are starting to reach that age where a lot them are rusting out and looking like typical 90s shit, don't want that to happen to mine...


No fucks given.
Yeah, it's pretty basic. Can't complain for free though. At least there's an aux port :lol:

Anyway... By system, do you mean upkeep products (glass cleaner, interior, wash shampoo), or like a good compound/polish/wax?

After I got the XB and got rid of the fade on the plastics with Novus (basically liquid sandpaper), I used the Megs Ultimate compound/polish/wax combined with their 4in DA drill attachment and matching pads. Pretty sure you already have a DA, but for reference...

Ended up looking like this:

As for my own car, if I were to make a solid system without switching up shampoos like I do the Rapewagen:

- Megs Gold Class shampoo
- Sprayway glass cleaner (have lots of microfiber rags ready)
- Megs Natural Shine interior cleaner
- Clay bar of choice
- Megs Ultimate Polish
- Megs Ultimate Wax
- Shop Vac (I have a $30 armor all vac from Amazon, works pretty good)
- Mirror Bright wheel cleaner
- Megs Water Magnet drying towel
- Tons of microfiber (I have a cheap 4 drawer roll around cart filled)

If you buy all that shit from Amazon, you'll save tons of money vs the parts stores.


No fucks given.
Forgot a few things:

- A good pressure washer
- Microfiber wash mitt
- Foam cannon
- Wheel brush
- Meguiars endurance tire gel
- Foam applicator pads


The other asshole
That's a lotta shit :lol:

Useful info though, and yeah, parts stores are fucking thieves :rolf:

Does the wax you use turn the rubber trim white? That's my only issue with the turtlewax I use, you can wipe it visibly clean, but after about 2-3 months some white places will still turn up...


No fucks given.
Any polishing/cleaner wax will do that since it has an abrasive in it to get rid of swirl marks while waxing.

The Ultimate liquid wax shouldn't stain, but the paste version will (they're made different). And the Mirror Bright polishing wax will because it's another all in one.

Actually, I got a bit of the Mirror Bright on the trim that surrounds the gas cap on the XB, so when the white shit does come up, I'm gonna try using a rubber & vinyl cleaner to see if it gets rid of it.


No fucks given.
The only things I've bought from Mothers is their aluminum polish, a wheel brush and a clay bar kit (Megs makes a better kit :lol: ).

We should probably make a car care thread and get this one back to bikes :rolf:

Speaking of which... You being the resident MX fucker, have you watched the remake of Jeremy McGrath's Terrafirma 2 clip yet?



The other asshole
I thought there was a car care thread years ago?

I hadn't... until now :lol:

I don't keep up with the MX world anymore... watching all the videos and shit makes me wanna race again, and there's just no possible way I could afford to do so right now


No fucks given.
There was a car care thread already? Guess I didn't care about it then :rolf:

Meh.... Why not make a new thread and have the handful of people we have left weigh in. It's not like if we bump the old one, the people that previously posted are gonna respond to questions :lol:


The other asshole
Little before action:

Teaser of the after:

I must say I'm pretty good with a rattle can, but even I'm impressed by how the wheel came out. No imperfections anywhere, just a nice clean semi-gloss finish. Could definitely use that duplicolor wheel paint on car wheels with enough patience and get a finish on par with a good spray gun. :thumbs up


No fucks given.
I may be biased, but I prefer the "before" on the wheel :lol:


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