Car smells HOT but temp is fine!

OK fellas Im new to integras but consider myself a decent mechanic. Hers my issues. The car is a 95 ls, auto and all stock @ 155k. It has a hard time starting sometimes ( seems to help if the a/c is off) and when it does it's fine. after 20 mins or so of driving the car smells like its overheating but the temp is fine, just a click below half way. When i check under the hood there are no leaks, the thermostat and rad cap are new, there is no pressure in the hoses, matter of fact i can take the rad cap off when its hot and it won't spew out. wierd? theres no boiling over. Rad fans work fine. The car is super hot to the touch including the hood. Hopefully im not tripping but I know a car whens its running hotter than normal and smells like it but the temp shows fine and theres no boil over. So????

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