`.-. Changed my Gauge Light to Amber!!! =]


Got Integra?
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Got Integra?
teggyls said:
wow that looks good how did you do that...what kind of bulbs did you use
I used 194 bulbs. You can get tham at your local auto shop. I got them for 2.99 a pack. And you need three bulbs.
For a tutorial on how to install them click here !!! :)


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i did the same thing, mine are green....What i would like to know is how to change the climate control bulbs, i want them all to be green.


Got Integra?


Got Integra?
obd1kenobi said:
Yeah thats kewl I did that to my civic, just have not had the chance to do the teg! Think I might this weekend!
Yea!... Post them up too man!!! Lets see your civic gauge!


Got Integra?
SilverDB8 said:
looks good, i think i might give it a try
If u do, please post some pics too!!!


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man that looks awsome ima do that 2 i just havent had the chance 2, i might do it this week sometime but i also plan on gettn a ITR gauge mabe


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damn as soon as i saw this i went out and got bulbs and put them in. probably would have been better if it want dark... lost a screw down in the steering column. but i only found red blue white and amber. didnt want red already had white and blue wouldnt have matched anything (but would have looked cool)

after putting it all back together i thought to myself i should have left the middle one white to see what it looked like. to see ifit sort of like faded from amber to white to amber. too late though :smackself