Crank but no start


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1991 acura integra LS Special Cranks but no start. If I crank it several times for some reason it will start and run. Once running it drives ok except for fast acceleration. If i punch the gas pedal the car will stall. This issue has been getting worse over the last few weeks. This is What have I done to address the issue:
  1. At first I thought it was the ICM-igniter so I purchased a new one from autozone but no change.
  2. Then I though maybe the Main relay was starting to go so I changed the main relay - no change.
  3. Next I checked for spark going to the number one cylinder it had spark,
  4. Fuel pump is working as I can hear it and smell the gas when I try to repeatedly start the car.
So next I thought maybe the coil is starting to go and is not delivering consistent spark.
That is next on my list to try but after? Does anyone know how to further diagnose the problem?
Your expertise and experience would be appreciated


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So, from a logical standpoint. Cars need 3 things to run. Fuel, spark, and air. Fuel seems to be good. Id check injectors and make sure theyre clean. Maybe check air filter and throttle body to make sure those are clear. Im not a great mechanic but i like to think i have pretty decent reasoning.

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