DIY Carpet cleaning


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DIY carpet cleaning.

It isn't very hard to to at all. i took a little time to go to my local Walmart store and buy some things. All comments are welcome as usual, If you have any questions feel free to PM me. ;)
This takes no time at all maybe to do all floor carpets of your car maybe 30 minutes tops.

Yes, i also do know that by using the brush it pushes dirt back down into the carpet, there is no other way to agitate the product.

1 Turtle wax Interior foaming carpet cleaner $4.07
1 wheel brush $3.54

First thing you want to do is vacuum the area you will be working in.
I saved this picture in the upright form and it came out this way. Stupid Photobucket

Next, you will want to spray the carpet with the product. I bought the additional brush because the one that comes with the cleaner is crap. Make sure you brush good to agitate the dirt.

Now you can just wipe it off of do it like me and wipe it off plus make lines with the brush. Its makes it look professional. ;)

This is what i got on my rag from cleaning them. They sure look clean when you just vacuum them but they really aren't.

Hopefully more to come on DIY jobs.

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basically, i like fast!
Sweet man! Thats a will do! Although my car was smoked in for just a bit from previous owners. Most of the time it smells good but sometimes it kind of smells like an old bowling alley lol!

I will definately do this to my carpets, but what about the carpets that in the car and the seats, THE SEATS lol. Thats what I really need. Help a bro out? Thanks man! Nice DIY.


basically, i like fast!
Cause im going to need to take everything out so I dont get overspray on anything. Ive never taken my seats out before lol.


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To remove old smells, Place 4 bowls with a drenched rag of Vinegar and a little extra in each bowl, close up the doors and windows, and leave in for a full day or two. Take out bowls, will smell like vingear for a while, but be excited to no longer smell bad stink! If the smell ends up coming back, you may need to clean all interior and then repeat the vinegar trick. Have lots of rags ready to do the above cleaning method. As you can see from his rag, it got very dirty and you need to keep wiping down the cleaned area until the rag does not look as dirty to ensure that lots of the dirt and stains was soaked out of it. -Aaron


I absolutely hate the smell of vinegar. If I have a smell issue I usually just spray febreeze like a madman. Or i'll take some carpet fresh stuff and sprinkle it everywhere and vacuum it up a day or so later.