East Tennessee Open Garage!!!!


I see a lot of Integras running around Knoxville as of late. Not sure how many are on this forum but I'd like to meet up with some of them.

I'm gonna put a proposal out to any Integra drivers in the area. If you have some work on your car you want or need to get done, but don't have the tools or area to do it, I'm opening my garage, driveway, and personal assistance up for yous. I know what it's like to need to do a brake job, or clutch install, etc, but not have the tools or space to do it.

Only criteria is, you don't smoke and you're not a douche!

I think this is a good way to get some local meets and events going on within the Integra community. I also hope that it might help motivate myself and others to get back into a build they might have put off.


Haha you're too fuckin far man.

I guess as long as you keep your doucheness under control it'll be ok :lol:


The other asshole

It's only about 100 miles~

Fortunately I have a toolbox bigger than my car but If I'm ever down that way I might pop in anyway.


Bump, it's winter time, I'm sure someone around here broke something :lol: I'll even open up to cars other than Integras.


This is a good idea. I see dollar signs in your near future if you commercialize. Btw, you work for exedy right?