First Honda Integra dc2


No fucks given.
Haha really? How come are these hard to come by untouched I take it???
Apparently the UKDM lip with the fog lights are extremely hard to find. People over here pay anywhere from $700-1300 USD for the lip and fog light kit if they can find them.

Finding an untouched Type-R is also extremely hard to come by (no matter where you live). You have both, consider yourself one lucky f***er for what you paid. Damn good price on it too, cheapest ITR I've ever seen was like $9,000 USD.
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Haha really? How come are these hard to come by untouched I take it???
I'll put it this way, even the Europeans can't find those :p I'll take good care of those fog lights for you :thumbs up

You sure truly are the luckiest man alive, particularly for how much you got that for...... I hate you -_- (not really, more like envy you lol)
I live in Scotland, so what you guys are telling me is I've picked up something special without knowing it! I don't mind being envied that's a good thing haha!! So not touching the car is the best thing then?

I am here:
It's a very special car from what I'm able to gather. I mean, you can add personal touches and what not, but that looks like a collectors piece almost, at least compared to most ITRs here.


This^ I wouldn't even touch it. Or if you do touch it, be sure to send me that front end ;)

Btw, Scotland ftw :thumbs up native?
I've never been one for mod'ing my cars I like the standard look. I think this front bumper will be staying with me for now haha! Native? What do u mean?


I would personally mod the car with upgrades that improve the car and are quality made. ITR's deserve the best in my opinion. Parts from brands like Spoon,Mugen,J's racing, Toda, FEELS. You get my drift.