Fixing Crank Angle Sensor

Ok So i Pulled code 4 from my car that randomly starts when it wants What and were and how do you fix the crank angle sensor


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The CAS is located inside the Distributor.

Their are 2 sensors inside the dizzy which is the CAS and the TDC(Top Dead Center) sensor.


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I have never changed the sensor itself but when my mothr got the code(Honda also), I just changed the whole unit.

Thanks J13 Umm I had a spare distributer and changed it and nothing changed could it be the ECU ?


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So you still have the code flashing after you replaced the dizzy?

Sometimes the ECU will not get rid of the flashing light on the ECU when you fix the problem. You'll have to clear it yourself.

Do you know if You're OBD1 or OBD0?

Try and disconnect the battery for a minute or two and see if you still get the flashing.
The Car Drive properly its OBD1 the car wont start when the light is on before it cranks Sometimes at random the light comes off when im about to crank some times it doesnt
When it starts it runs nice and quite 750 rpm
I Have a 91 integra B18a1 i think its different from that one you sent me


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1992-1995 integras have the same OBD1 computer. The only thing different is the B18A1 has a less flowing head than the B18B1.

1991 down its OBD0

1996 and up its OBD2
oh ok I Think Its the ECU AHHHH This is gay


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Why do you think its the ECU?

The ECU is telling you what's wrong. I know its the Dizzy.

Why don't you check the conntector? Why don't you take off your dizzy and inspect it?

Did you disconnect the battery, to try to reset the ECU...
Ill Try that right now im not sure if its the dizzy becuase i changed it and the same happened if its not the dizzy then the next i move to is the ecu ill disconect the baterry to reset
OK So It didnt get reset and i checked the dizzy with a meter and it says its ok it could either be the line or ecu. how do i check that

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