Fuel pump prime delay


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Just picked up a 93, it has a b18b1 in it, it's had a rough life to say the least but I got it for a steal because it needed a fuel pump. Well I changed the fuel pump and the car runs and drives pretty decent now, definitely going to need some love to get it daily worthy, however it has one issue I can't figure out, the fuel pump takes forever to prime, when it's been turned off for a little bit. I bought a brand new oem fuel pump relay, got a new battery, and like i said already replaced the fuel pump with a new brand new pump. When I turn the key to the on position but don't actually push the key to crank the relay clicks one time, and the check engine light stays on. I'm not sure of exactly how long it takes, (over 5 minutes for sure though) but eventually the relay clicks a second and third time and the check engine light goes off, the pump primes and the car fires right up. The lights on the dash stay on which lead me to believe from what I've been told that the ignition switch is fine. I'm stumped, the only thing I can think is that the ECU is bad. I don't have gas in the fuel rail and but I do have spark. When I test the power wire into the fuel pump I get nothing, then when the relay clicks the second and third time, (third time is right after the second time) the power wire has power. Same with the harness coming off of the car into the connector that plugs into the level and stuff on the door on top of the fuel tank. After it finally fires up the car will idle smooth and drive fine, and it'll crank up if you shut it off and then refire it right back up....I have absolutely no idea what to think at this point short of the ECU being faulty. Anyone got any ideas?