fuel pump relay location

i searched but couldnt find it so where's the relay? lookin to do a ghetto theft system for now when the car sits for periods of time.

my areas pretty bad with honda thefts. i live near newark, nj enough said.



if you're thinking of doing a killswitch (don't say if you are or not), there is a power cable that runs along side the driver side by the door along the ground. I can't find any pictures just yet. If you look up fuel pump killswitch you should find something. Good luck
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If you want to do a clutch kill switch (a bit more rare then fuel pump) click here

again, it's better to not tell anyone you are even installing a kill switch but if you need help then sometimes you have to ask. as long as you don't tell anyone where you put the switch you should be fine.
Ya, avoid glove box, gauge cluster, and ash trays as these are the most used places. I also wouldn't tell anyone that you even have a kill switch. This site seems to be a pretty tight family so I think you're alright with telling people here you have one. It's always sketchy though because people pretend they have cars but they are either cops (looking to bust people posting illegal mods) and thieves (self-explanatory).

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