Gen 2 engine problems????


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just bought a 93 integra idk what trim model exactly, but its got power everything, cruise control etc.....sunroof. but it has the 5spd trans. and the b18a1. i was wondering if there were any problems or issues with the motor from that year. mine has this weird idle thing where it fluctuates in rpm. jumps from about 600 to 800 maybe. i also experience power loss after i fire it up and drive right away. id be driving in 2nd gear doing about 25, and the motor will just drop back down to idle. but ive noticed that this stops happening after it warms up. also did integras come with power-steering pumps, because mine doesn't have power-steering. also when I'm driving in town i get exhaust fumes in the cab. idk if its a exhaust leak or if it doesn't have a cat. it to low to get under there and check it all out for sure.
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