hello from Moscow

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thats right.
awesome has your name, i like your hair :thumbs up
ur car looks great :D
sucks about russian women, pretty much the same here, except they just do it for free

EPROM chip: eraseable progammable ROM



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nicoalex2 есть 2 российских интернет ресурса
в россии одни барыги
ищешь детальку цену завышают раза в два (((
механическую коробку сейчас подыскиваю для B мотора - нашел за 400$ правда там 5-ой передачи нету - синхронизатор убит
а живые коробки толкают по 1500$
да и правительство у нас зажралось... налоги постоянно поднимают а зарплату нет((
хотел себе с Японии притащить type-r но посчитал сколько встанет машина в Москве - страшно стало
4 000$ + 15 000$ + 2 000$ итого 21 000$ - машина + таможня + доставка

nicoalex2 There is 2 Russian Internet of a resource
In Russia one барыги
You search детальку for the price overestimate time in two (((
Mechanical box now I look for for B the motor - has found for 400 $ the truth there 5-th transfer is not present - the synchronizer is killed
And alive boxes push on 1500 $
And the government at us зажралось... Taxes constantly lift and the salary are not present ((
Wished to drag to itself from Japan type-r but has counted how many there will be a machine in Moscow - it became terrible
4 000 $ + 15 000 $ + 2 000 $ total 21 000 $ - the machine + customs + delivery


Love the car, my family is from Poland and Serbia! Welcome!


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i have engine ZC this is D16A - 120hp
ECU P76 - OBD1

I am not so strong in terminology of English language - therefore difficultly to understand specific messages.......


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Has now phoned to the person at which rolls MT B-series
For 400 dollars I take away a box
There was there a mechanism of a choice of transfers is spoiled.... Where easier than to change the synchronizer)


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install led to device from type-r

install Type-R device

From there is nothing has prepared a land (JDM Style) :-D

And here a kitten on my hand... Not mine is a pity that ((((

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Hello Kitty, Sushi, and a Type-R cluster.... Your the most JDM Russian ive ever seen. :lol:


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Has bought MT
In service directly there has opened and has started defects to search
4 problems
1) a box naked without a thing
2) replacement almost all bearings
3) the most ridiculous defect - the synchronizer of 5 transfers was will burst and is made by argon.... Here me has simply killed.....
4) the box case has been broken slightly off and made by argon......

Photos later...... I will collect


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hehey i'm come back!! )))))
buy b20b
buy b18c sir head
buy toda-racing camshaft
buy head springs
ecu p28 vtec hondata
and build 250 atmo HP
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