Heres some latest pic of my RSX.

I Haven't posted in here for the longest, so here are some pics. Im kind of bored.



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o0o0o shit.... is the last pic the recent one? i wanna see more shots with that kit on... :thumbup:
actually the first second and third is the latest. The others were from a club rsx meet. That last Rsx has the aspec kit and Jdm tails.

very nice. not a real big fan of the R spoiler on the 05-06 S. something about it makes it look off.
i like the lip spoiler.
but still looks good
you should look into the DCRH.


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shhhweet 8)
yeah i definitely agree the higher spoiler looks better, just not to fond of it yet, since not alot of people have it down here. i rarely see one, most of them have the lip spoiler.

but the combination of the lip spoiler and the R spoiler would be nice as well.

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