Hondata S300 TPS Issues and WIdeband Install Question


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Okay I have a couple questions involving Hondata S300, I have tried reaching out to Hondata for information but no body will help.... First question is I'm trying to hook my AEM 4100 wideband up to my S300 just for datalogging, I'm using the wideband as a secondary O2 strictly for datalogging, still using factory O2, where do I wire the white output wire from the AEM gauge? And how do I set it up once wired in SManager? I have a 93 Teg Turbo with a PR4 ECU with Hondata S300 V1. Second question is, I'm having trouble reading my TPS in SManager, KOEO my TPS reads correctly and smooth, but when engine is running the TPS will intermittently not read correctly, especially while do very light throttle it will say 0% when actually I'm doing about 3%.... Quick stabs of the throttle will read correctly... I have checked all wiring for looseness and corrosion and can not find anything wrong. I have calibrated TPS numerous times... Minimum throttle is -5% maximum throttle is 90.44%. Any help is greatly appreciated!

P.s- I have read that most common hook up for the wideband is the ELD connection at ECU, but do I need to remove any resistors? Do i splice into ELD, or do i take ELD's place? I know if i use ELD that i have to disable it in SManager.

Thanks again!