HRubss FA5 Civic Si


I'm a gearheAd
I don't get the torqueless complaint.

It isn't like the car's gearing is not very well setup for the powerband. My AP1 is so pleasantly quick in traffic. I never feel a need for more low end power.

Either that or because the car is too damn heavy. Comparing the specs of my Si and ITR trans, the Si has higher gear ratio's and a higher FD ratio than my ITR trans and the K20Z3 with a tune makes more power than my LSV so in reality, it's probably the weight of the car.

Hope you're ready to say good bye to you MPG's. You'll want to hear the whine more often than not.... Trust me :lol:

More low end power for less MPG, now THAT'S something I can get use to. :lol:

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