Just got a wheel offer and idk if it's good or not???

Hi, 3 weeks ago I bought dunlop direzza dz101 tires which are great tires(195/50R15) speed rated V. so my friends bro just offered to trade me his genuine rota slips with hankook ventus V2 tires on them (same size but speed rated H) for my special edition rims(LSsnowflakes) and the tires plus $100. so idk if i want to do that because his tires are not as good as mine but the rotas are in perfect condition, i was thinking to see if he'll go $80 instead with the trade. just want other peoples opinion on this, thanks!!


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Rota.... Think I'm gonna be sick....

Keep what you have.

The Kev

Vtec? I have V-TAK! Son..
No deal...I would rather hold out and get real brand name rims...IMO

But if you really want the rims, go for it...P.S. why would you accept less cash?


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I'm the one paying haha not him, he wants my wheels, tires and $100 for his rotas and hankook's.
If he was going to trade AND GIVE YOU like $250 it'd be a decent deal. Still though hold out for real quality rims, and unless you plan on racing everywhere you go or hitting the track don't worry about the speed rating.
In all seriousness, I wouldn't do it. If it were a straight trade mmmaaayyybbbeee, I still think your friends brother should be adding cash rather than you for the deal to be fair.


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if you ever do this deal, he's going to run away laughing. Please don't do it. Rotas or not, i'd rather have meaty tires. you can find those rotas if you really want to for cheap down the road and install your newer tires on there.

and you know what's so funny about the 'genuine rotas' these days? i read somewhere that Rotas released a public announcement saying that there are "Rota Knockoffs" being distributed.

so...people are buying knockoffs of a company that knockoffs legit rims.

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