LED License Plate Lights


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Bought these license plate lights for my Acura RDX. Lights are amazingly bright! Took a while to figure out how to reinstall. But it’s pretty simple just have to put a little pressure while sliding it in place. Perfect plug and play. The clip that holds the light in the fixture doesn’t quite snap on easily. You’d have to push the clip inwards and push the light into position pretty hard in order for it to snap on. It's super bright and looks nice at night. If I do reverse I can totally see what's behind me with my rear camera because of it brightness!


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France has a new law. Students must not wear abaya in schools. Abaya is a long robe. Muslim women wear it.
Some people like the ban. But others worry. They are afraid of problems between groups of people. France does not allow religious symbols since 2004. France already bans headscarves. Muslims are very unhappy about it. It is the government’s plan. The government prefers secularism. Secularism is when religious institutions and the state are not connected.

Children, who wear religious clothes, get into trouble.

Difficult words: robe (a long piece of clothing which women wear), ban (an official stop), religious (connected to a god).

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