My DC2 type R


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Hello all :)

i bought my first teg on saturday and love it!
Needs a bit of work but its a project i guess.

Needs both rear arches painted and the front bumper painted. The mot advised a broken spring and perished ARB drop link bushes.

So i think, get the body work done, set of coilovers and some new links :)

The exhaust is currently: ebay mani, standard cat, magnaflow catback. but its a bit too quiet, so im thinking of removing the centre box in the cat back :)



Lucky bastards in Europe, you get nothing but the best. Welcome and nice car, it won't need much.


It'll work for now until you can get something better. Basically Ebay header's are a hit or miss. Build quality usually is crap along with flow rate. Essentially what you have is eye candy. I'm sure being in Europe you can pick up an OEM JDM 4-1 header for decently cheap. Otherwise try to find a Mugen, or PLM may ship replica header's (which are legit) to Europe. Just do a lot of research before you buy. 4-2-1 puts power down low, 4-1 puts it up high.


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Thanks for that mate, I think I will look into a Jdm mani. Will I need a jdm cat/decat to go with it? Or will I need an whole new system?