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Hello all, I am pretty new to this forum so forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong location. I was wondering if I could get some advice from veteran Integra owners. I currently own a 2000 GS model. Automatic transmission and leather seats. Nothing fancy. One of the benefits is that it has approx. 91k miles. The car runs great! It's my daily driver to work, but luckily I live about 2 blocks from my job so I do not put much mileage on the car (purchased it with 67k in Nov. of 2012). It has some dings and dents. Some that came with the car when purchased but also some unfortunate ones that happened while the vehicle was parked. Now I've been debating sending the car to the body shop and have all the damage repaired, only because I love the car and I want to see it in greater condition. Some downsides (not sure if they really are) but I do not have the original bumper. One of these unfortunate incidents resulted in a damaged front bumper, which I ended up replacing with an aftermarket one (which I now regret). Also the driver seat has a tear which I'm trying to remedy by searching for a new seat, but no luck so far. Two other issues: 1) the driver side window motor is not working as great as I would like. The window opens and closes but at one point, very slowly and if it's cold out it will not open/close without my assistance. 2) Radio antenna is broken (friend of mine closed the hatch on the antenna and snapped it.

Now, the reason I am reaching out is because, I recently got married and now my wife and I are considering starting a family. She has a Jeep, which would work fine, but unfortunately my vehicle is not quite practical for baby seats. My main question is if it's worth it to make all these repairs and keep the vehicle or if I decide to sell it (asi is, no repairs) does it have decent value??

Also, if I decide to make repairs, are there any websites I could be looking at to purchase original parts, such as the car seat, front bumper, etc.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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No-one can really tell you to sell or keep but to give you hope, My 95 (sedan) has almost 260K miles on the original motor and transmission. I have a child seat in the back as well. Stock bumpers come up a lot here in Boise Idaho. Leather seats will be a hard one to find. My car is a really good daily. Even with the miles I drove mine from Boise to Phoenix and back without fail. Also window motors are super cheap and easy. Feel free to ask me any questions.