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Hello all,

My name is Veronique, i'm 29 years old.

I live near Paris in France and i drive an Integra Type R (DC2).

I go regularly on track in France (Le Mans, and other) and often at Nurburgring where i have done 223 laps.

Some pictures about my cars on Le Mans and on the Nordschleife :


My car has been modified : engine, suspension, brakes, etc

Last pictures :



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Welcome and your very lucky to have such a nice car and them be able to take it somewhere like The Ring to really experience it.


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Thanks all !

Another pictures about my car on the Nordschleife :)

The last one it's me at Nurburgring museum :)


do what now?
welcome to club integra!
white teggy ftw!
wow i would never be able to exprience that myself.
very lucky my friend!